San Jose Solar Power Company: Good Conditioning of Your Solar Panels for Optimum Use

Nothing beats a well-maintained, regularly monitored and clean solar power for its optimum energy generation. We guarantee you that! It is a fact that every equipment or device that we use will in due time deteriorate. It is this reason why just like any other thing, your solar panels need also to be regularly maintained, checked and cleaned. To help you do just that, we at San Jose Solar Power Company has lined up a few simple but effective ways to keep your solar generating system in tip-top shape.

Regular Cleaning

Just like any other important thing that you have, solar panels are recommended to be cleaned annually and your solar panel company can help you with this. Contact them for any major cleaning to be done, but when your panels appear dusty, you can spray it off with a water hose and the job is done. Ensure that after a storm or windy days, keep off the dust on your solar panels and monitor for any scratch or damage. Doing this will surely add efficiency to your panels. Never use metal or abrasive tools in cleaning your panels.

Put out obstructions

For optimum energy generation, your panels must be exposed to the sun. Any obstruction such as tree branches, leaf litter, and other objects that can shade the sun to the panels will affect its performance. Ensuring that there are no obstructions and your panels are getting the most out of their surface will mean greater energy production.

Be observant

Over time, weather and other issues may arise that can affect the performances of your panels, the cables, and even their position. Try to observe these things and monitor any visible changes will prevent major problems in the long run. The cable on your panels can deteriorate through the years and will probably show cracks, or be broken, or slight changes from the position of panels can affect its power generation. To remedy these things, call your solar company to have the problem fixed.

Learn the use of inverter

Choosing your solar panels will also mean you have chosen your inverter. A manual of instruction goes along with this and you should be reading and understanding the use of your inverter for the optimum use of your panels. Your inverter’s performance is vital to the efficiency of your solar generating system. It’s important that when issues arise with your inverter, fixing it promptly will save you cost in the long run.

Monitoring its performance

You should track the performance of your panels daily throughout the year. In this case, you can identify any weaknesses the system has. Tracking your energy production in any kind of weather also works best for your system. It is understood that during storms or cloudy weather, a decrease in your systems’ production will happen. But if your system is producing less, especially during hot days, it’s clear that there is a problem in the system that needs to be checked by your solar company.

Routine monitoring and maintenance of your solar systems are sure to increase the efficiency and longevity of your panels. Also, your solar panel company must be a dependable company to fix any problem with your solar systems. We hope that with these easy and simple tips you are ready to go solar and we at San Jose Solar Company are here to help you, visit us now!